Volunteer teams are welcomed by the Global Development Network/Sustainable Development Research Foundation. The following opportunities are examples of opportunities available in different locations of Thailand:

On Kho Yao Island at PKMRI

  • Repair the access boardwalk through the mangroves to the ocean.
  • Clean and repair floating cages for white sea bass.
  • Build bathrooms at local schools.

In Nan Province (North Thailand)

  • Hold an English camp at the Tutorial Learning Center (TLC) and Sawa Tai School in Nan Province.
  • Help the SDRF Thai staff build a recreation facility for the TLC students (21 resident students).
  • Help the Center for Sustainable Development (CSD) staff in Nan construct projects for TLC students to operate (cricket farming, egg, chicken/catfish, and raising black chickens).

In South Thailand

  • Help a local SDRF Thai team build HIV/AIDS community member’s housing.

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