Global Development Network Corporation

Expanding Life Choices for At Risk Communities

Holistic Community Transformation.

Working by God’s grace to empower grassroots leaders and organizations to bring positive changes to at-risk communities in Southeast Asia.

Empowerment, diversity, flexibility, sustainability, spirituality.


  • Socioeconomic development
  • Education
  • Relief
  • Promotion of justice
  • Leadership Development
  • Spiritual Formation

GDN is currently partnered with the Sustainable Development Research Foundation (SDRF), an indigenous Thai nonprofit organization. Together, the GDN/SDRF team is committed to establishing a sustainable platform for addressing the needs of at-risk communities in Thailand. As this is accomplished, the GDN/SDRF team is committed to launch initiatives from the SDRF platform for helping establish similar sustainable and indigenous nonprofit organizations in other countries of Southeast Asia. Through the Center for Applied Ministry (CAM), leaders of local communities of faith are encouraged and equipped to effectively live out the gospel in relevant and tangible contexts. CAM is a member of the Evangelical Fellowship of Thailand (EFT) which facilitates relationships with other Christian groups in Thailand and provides Thai government approval for religious work in Thailand. For more information about the Sustainable Development Research Foundation, please click on

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